What is a stone fabricator?
A fabricator is responsible for ensuring that your project is cut and installed properly. Natural stone fabricators purchase the materials that you selected from Elite Stone Importers directly. The fabricator's experience and equipment is unique with the ability to work with such materials to create a custom application. A fabricator will work with you in the design of your layout and how to effectively use the slab.
How do I choose a fabricator if I am not currently working with one?
There are many fabricators in the market place to service your needs. To find a fabricator in your area, look online. Interview your fabricator as you would any other contractor and ask for referrals if necessary. Ensure that your fabricator is fully insured as well. Elite Stone Importers does not sell to the public. As a result, we do require you to have a fabricator prior to viewing stones at our location.
How do I make a natural stone selection?
Elite Stone Importers has the highest quality customer service of anyone in the region. Upon arriving at our site for a stone viewing, we will ensure that you receive a guided tour from one of our many knowledgeable customer service representatives. We have an extensive variety of stone to choose from. A few items to consider before arriving would be your preference of color, movement, and cost. Come prepared for your selection. If you are matching the stone to a cabinet, tile, or other material, we recommend that you bring the items related to your design so you can see how they work with the stone. If you're maintaining a budget, check with your fabricator to see what your range is.
Do you provide a sample of the material that I select?
Samples are often but not always available. However, we caution against relying on samples as they tend to vary significantly for most stones. Samples are often 6" x 6" tiles that could never totally capture the color pallet of the entire stone. Often, samples are also left over from previous lots so it may not match your slab specifically. Samples are meant as a guideline and may differ from your actual slab selection. All natural stones vary to some degree.
How many slabs do I need?
The number of slabs for your project required depends on several factors including the layout, the size and the movement. It is best to ask your fabricator prior to coming to select your slabs, how many slabs should be selected. As every slab has its own uniqueness, it is best if you need multiple slabs to pick them out together during your selection process at Elite Stone Importers.
Can I see the slabs before my fabricator purchases them?
Yes, we can schedule an appointment with you to have individual slabs set up for your viewing before or after the fabricator has purchased them. Please contact us directly to coordinate in advance.
How much does installed natural stone cost?
Over all, natural stone costs are going to vary based on the material and application. Elite Stone Importers does not discuss specific pricing with customers since we do not sell to the public. Because we are not finishing the product, we cannot estimate what the final costs will be. Pricing must come from your fabricator.
When do I need to select my natural stone?
Selecting natural stone should occur as soon as you have selected your cabinets or within 2 weeks of your expected install date. Elite Stone Importers will hold material as a courtesy for 2 weeks for you and your fabricator. If your project is expected to take longer than 2 weeks for install, it is suggested that you work with your fabricator to purchase your slabs on hold from us to ensure that they are safely stored and ready for your project at your fabricator.
Should I be concerned about Radon?
Directly stated - No. Radon exists everywhere in nature including in your home where you currently reside without granite. The risk from Radon exists when you are exposed to levels deemed "high". The Marble Institute of America along with several other state and federal agencies have researched Radon levels in granite. The findings have ruled out that granite is capable of producing "high" levels of Radon. Since Granite comes from nature, some slabs have the possibility of having a level nearing untraceable. It has been determined and accepted that Radon poses no risk to the consumer from granite.