About ARPA

What is Arpa - High Pressure Laminate?

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is typically constructed of several layers of kraft paper, a layer of décor paper which has a solid colored or printed design, and is topped with a protective wear layer that can also carry printed design accents, metallic or other inclusions.

The kraft layers are generally infused with thermosetting phenolic resins; the decorative and wear layers are saturated with thermosetting melamine resins. Because HPL sheets are pressed individually, many different designs and colors can be offered economically. Textured press plates may be used to control gloss levels, or impart textures that mimic stone, wood, tile or other surface designs.

Special grades of HPL can be postformed (wrapped around) radiused edges.

Arpa Solid Core represents a new look for kitchen counters, lavatory tops, restroom surfaces, etc. The solid core color effect goes through the entire panel bringing exciting detail to undermount sink edges and all cut-out areas. Edge detail can be enhanced or diminished by changing the edge profile.

Uses and Applications
Counter surfaces
Table Tops
Food service areas
Toilet partitions
Wall Cladding
Transaction counters
Lavatory sink tops
Door and drawer fronts
Concession counters and work areas
Elevator walls
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Materials and Finishes
Sheet Size: 51" x 120"
Thickness: 1.2mm to 13mm (1/2")
Surface Pattern: Any of Arpa's non-iridescent patterns including over 120 solid colors, 100 wood grain visuals and 200 decorative patterns
Surface Textures: Erre (matte), Ghibli (high textures), cliff, coat, scale, mesh, and club
Composition: 70% paper and ≈ 30% thermo-setting resins